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How to Find Best Stocks to Day Trade?

Best Stocks to Day Trade

How to Find Best Stocks to Day Trade?

Every day, thousands of stocks of different renowned and newbies companies are moving in the stock market. How will a new investor decide which the best stocks to day trade are? How will a trader decide which stock he should buy in a day and which one not? The answer is for picking the best stocks for day trading; you need to do thorough research on several issues. First, you should know how to find good stocks and research stocks for day trading.

Find Best Stocks to Day Trade?

However, you can use different tools to find the best stock for day trading. One such tool is the stock scanner. From thousands of subpar stocks, the stock scanner filter and find the best one and A+ quality’s one for the investors.

A stock scanner is a tool that can significantly help the investor to find the best stock to day trade 2022. But ultimately, which one the trader will pick depends totally on their decision. Several factors influence the investor to trade a stock, such as an investor’s experience, available capital, the trading style, etc. Therefore, you should have a dynamic trading plan to get the best stock for day trading.

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Ways to Find Best Stocks to Day Trade.

Scanning the best stocks from huge options is a daunting task for day traders. But, easily investors can avoid stress in finding outstanding stock if they know the exact way. So, whether you are an investor or trader, you can follow the suggestions below to pick the best stock for trading.


1. Daily Analyze the Stocks.

On each trading day, almost all companies’ stocks move significantly. So to find the best stock, you need to monitor those highly moving stocks regularly. And analyze their movement to decide whether investing in those will be a good investment or not.

However, monitoring the stock’s movement is effortless. You can easily watch the reserves by focusing on the stock market’s news events or using stock screener tools. First, constantly search and analyze the most active stocks today and pick the best option. Then, explore the highly effective and volatile stocks every day with the help of the best stock screener.


2. Regularly Search for Volatile Stocks.

One of the best ways of selecting the best stock is searching for regular high volatile stocks. Some stocks always show heavy trading volumes and extreme volatility. Search for these types of stocks as these are popular with day traders.

Stocks with high volatility allow investors to maximize their investment within minutes, seconds, or hours. Thus for the investor’s most significant money-making opportunity offered by the stock market’s high volatile stocks.

However, the following criteria are the signs for volatile stocks. Check these features and then select the best stocks for day trading. The volatility criteria are the following:

  • Considering the average 50 days as a base, daily the stock’s general movement is more than 5%. However, there are no specific regulations regarding the time frame. You can use any structure according to your understanding.
    But considering the 50 days average as the base will help you detect and select the significantly moving stocks over a longer time frame.
  • For an extended time frame, the stock price remains within $10 – $100. You can alter this price range according to your preferences and stock selecting criteria.
  • Individual stocks
  • Over the past 30 days, more than 4 million should be the stock’s average daily trading volume.
    Now, make a shortlist of volatile stocks based on the above criteria and pick the best one for day trading.


3. Search for Liquid Stocks.

There is no chance to overlook the stock’s liquidity criteria while you are searching the answer “How to find good stocks”? Good liquidity is a must-have feature that a good stock should have. Liquidity ensures you to sell the stocks and exit the trade whenever you decide to do so. Thus it allows you to make profit from your day trading plan.

Thus while deciding how to find the best stocks for day trading, you should consider its liquidity also. Usually, the highly liquid stock’s projected movement in a day is more than a million. This number may seem very high, but it ensures that the stock has high liquidity and is not fixed in a trade.


4. Frequently Search for the Highest Volume Stocks.

High volume stocks allow the investors to easily and quickly enter and exit in the stock market. Now you may confuse regarding what are the highest volume stocks? Though the definition will vary according to each trader. But in general, at each 5-minute bar, if there are a minimum of 40,000 shares, it could be treated as the highest volume stocks.

However, how many shares would be in the 5-minute bar significantly depends on the stock’s price and other factors. Detect the high-volume stocks, do a broader scan on stocks, and you will get the best trading opportunities. Use a robust stock screener, and it will filter all the highest volume and high volatile stocks for you.


5. Use Trade Volume Index.

TVI (Trade Volume Index) is a great tool that will help you to determine which stock you should buy and which one is not in day trade. This index allows the investors to decide by measuring money flow in and out of stock. Using this TVI tool, the traders can quickly identify which are the high volume stocks today.

The traded stock volume indicates how many times the investors buy and sell in a particular period or on a trading day. Generally, the highest attractive stocks are significant as they are bought and sold more times in a specific trading day. Moreover, the investors can quickly get the price movement indication by analyzing the volume of the stock. Thus for finding the best option, investors can use this TVI tool.


6. Monitoring Stock Market’s Intraday Volatility.

Another method of finding the best stock is to monitor the market’s intraday volatility. It means researching in the trading session’s middle to check the volatility. Then analyze which are the highly moving stocks in the entire trading day.

Several tools are available for monitoring the trading session. For example, TradingView or FINVIZ, or other stock screeners, offers the top filters for analyzing the top gainers, losers, and volatility. Moreover, the investors can get the intraday volatility news from most trading platforms and brokers in real-time.

Watch the stock’s list throughout the trading day and analyze its changes. The day traders will not get much opportunity from those stocks which are open at10% and constantly remains there. Instead, the investors should trade that stock that opens at 10% but moves high or low or in a straight direction.

Again to get accurate intraday signals, you need to know how to find stocks before they break out. Use the stock screeners and inspect which stocks are providing various trading signals.

Also, check for those stocks which are moving continuously through breaking the normal resistance levels. Follow all these methods to research, analyze and monitor the intraday volatility and then pick the best stock for day trading.


7. Use Stock Screener.

One of the best ways to find the stock today is using a stock screener. The stock screener shows you the best stocks for day trading by scanning the entire stock market. The screener only represents those stocks to you which will meet your criteria.

Finding the best and most valuable stock for day trading using this method is worthy. This is the speediest process of getting the highest value stocks. At the first step of stock market research, the day trader should use this tool.

Using this method, the day trader will define a set of parameters. And the stock screener will find the best stocks for day trading that meet this specific criterion. Then, from the thousands of available options, the screener makes a list of dozens of high-volume stocks today.


8. Earn the Day-Trading Opportunities from Calendars Offer.

The day traders can earn the best day-trading opportunities from the calendars offered. The earning calendar of Yahoo Finance schedules the renowned company’s financial results releasing day. Thus the day trader or investor, thorough seeing the calendar lists get the opportunity to cope with the stock’s price movement. The calendar lists the crucial days on which the renowned company releases its financial results, including profit, loss, and revenue details.

Usually, every day the investor wants to know whether any high-demanded stocks have a due date for earnings releases or not. Here comes the need for a stock calendar offer. Sometimes the day trading’s stock price significantly moves up and down because of the company’s announcement. When a company announces its quarterly profits, revenue, or losses, it causes the price movement substantially.

The stock market’s most volatility occurs during this price movement. And during this volatility, the day traders can grab this opportunity. During this period, they can potentially capitalize through stock day trading.



An untrained eye finds every stock overwhelming. Likewise, the novice investor or trader in the stock market finds huge potentiality and trade opportunities almost in every stock. But the reality is different. Only a trained and expert investor can choose the best stocks to day trade from thousands of available options.

Forex trader profit.

If you are a novice at first, you should not invest in the stock market without knowing how to find good stocks. So first, research and analyze the stock market and learn how to pick the best stocks for day trading. And then put your first step in the stock market.

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