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Is It Possible To Living Trade Forex?

Is It Possible To Living Trade Forex?

The forex market is the biggest financial market in the world. Here investment bank, the central bank, and big investor trade. The forex market is more liquid and it is 24hours open. for the flexibility of the forex market, we can trade in our preferable time. Anyone can trade forex and make a big profit but the main problem is most of the newbie trade does not have to make a profit and earn money to live financial freedom. Most of the newbie trade loses money for the lack of knowledge and thinks they can rich very quickly as a result they lose most of their money. Below we explain our cause of not making a profit from forex.

The forex market is the most liquid financial market globally making it popular among trading people of all walks of life. The high levels of liquidity, 24 hours availability and ease of access made forex trading a popular way of making money. For many, investing in forex is a career choice because the benefits of being your own boss or working for convenient times are very attractive prospects for many people.

 1. Think Simple And Avoid Greed To Get Rich Quickly

More news and information are overloaded on the internet about forex trading. Most of the traders read this information and think forex in complex ways. As a result overload of information, we think complex to trade in the forex market as a result we analyze market overconfidence and over analysis. So, do not over-analysis the forex market. All the news and information is not necessary to learn forex and trade in forex. Just know the basics and trade with a simple method. Complex method and news analysis are very harmful to our investment in forex and harmful for our forex carrier. When we start a trade to learn less and profit more then a problem happened to our mind. We think it is very possible to get rich quickly and quit our job very soon. It happens when our knowledge is very low about forex trading and our education.

In forex trading, we can earn more money for our living but the change is, in the beginning, it is very difficult but if we grow our knowledge and more proper experience then the money is not a matter of forex trading. But as a novice forex trading learning process is not happening proper ways for the overload of more information and easy to open an account to forex broker. As a result, we think It is very easy to get rich quickly.

Everyone can trade in forex it is very easy to open an account with a forex broker and start to trade. But the main problem is if we do no know how to make a profit from the forex.  It is very risky to make a profit from a forex broker. If we think of trade more and more then one day, we make a profit from forex and try to take more risks and make more money.  We fell to do what we want to the forex market, and think a forex is a money-making machine and we withdraw limitless money from forex. At the begging, it is very difficult to make money and hold our profit in our, try to risk low at first then try to learn more.

2. Find A Profitable Strategy

when we know about forex trading then we trade in our way .we do not follow rule and method of forex trading. we think what we know is make our profit. But our idea is wrong without a profitable forex strategy and proper discipline. It is impossible to make a profit from forex trading. if we have no strategy or method to trade entry and exit then we not trading just gambling. If we gamble our money then never we make a profit from forex.

Trading has proper rules and method but gambling has nothing. So, do not gamble our hard earn money try to develop a method or strategy and strictly follow the golden rule of forex trading. There are many strategies in the forex world all of which are not profitable. If we find a strategy or method then try to trade in a demo account to find out the probability of profit and winning ratio of our trade to find a strategy.

We at lest trade in this strategy is more than three months. If we find this or that strategy works properly then we try to trade in real trading. Demo trading and real trading are not the same because of a lack of experience. In demo trading, some strategy works well but in real trading, it does not work because in demo trade we do not find the error of our strategy. we only find errors in our real trading. but real trading is riskier if we do not maintain proper money management. Money management one of the most of the forex trading strategies. Most of the traders lose all of their money without money management.

Proper money management protects our account from low loss risk and high profit. But we think the opposite, We risk more and think to make more profit from forex. High-risk trading is a very risk for our trading account. If we take a high risk, it is possible to lose our money. Strict money management is one of the forex strategies to make more profit from the forex market. So, find a trading strategy and try to trade in the demo then try to real account to maintain proper money management. Violation of money management can destroy our trading account and make us develop a gambling mind. Try to develop a trader mind setup to trade not gamble.

3. Think Like A Professional Trader

We try to trade in forex and want to make more profit and live our life free of financial problems. But the main problem is who can make a profit in forex trading we do not think. If we do not trade as like professional trader way then it is not possible to make profits. In the forex market, only professional traders make a profit. Newbie traders do not make money whatever they do. If we try to make a profit it is not possible to do that. So, follow a professional trader way. Professional traders make money regularly and live freedom life of financial problems. They do not over trade. When the entry in the market then follow proper money management and discipline. Professional traders do not engage in more news and information to study.

They have a strategy to trade and avoid all kinds of headache news and information. They risk low and make more profit. They do not stick to the computer to find trade entry and exit as we do. They only trade when their strategy gives a signal to trade and exit. If they lose money they do not trade because they have the rule to avoid the market. But when a newbie trader loses money in a trade than try to more trade and recovery our money in one day. Professional traders do not trade all conduction of the market because the market is not always traded able. Sometimes the market is unstable and uncertain then it is an emergency to stop our trade. But we trade all-time in any market condition and to recover our loss. So, we must follow a professional trader and flow their ways. otherwise, our loss increases day by day.

4. Wrong Idea Of Forex Trading

We think wrong when we start forex trading. We think if deposit more then we make more money. Investing in forex is not a factor to make a profit. If we have no solid strategy and experience then we must lose our money whatever invest in forex. If the focus on forex to more profit to more money then the result must be zero. The zero is our balance and profit also. So, do not think about the money, think about knowledge, and more experience. If we follow the wrong direction of forex then all of our plans will be wrong. We need proper guidelines and solid knowledge to avoid all of the wrong ideas of forex trading. We can do nothing to deposit more money in forex trading. We need a profitable method and professional mind setup.


Forex trading is a profitable business. Every business has rules and strategies to run a business operation. It is also true in the forex. But we think forex trading is very easy to make money at first and try to trade make money without rules and strategy as a result of loss in an increase in the account. Most of the trade lost money in forex because of the high-risk trading tendency. after a loss of money, it is not possible to earn money for living. It is a wrong idea of our minds. To earn money from forex we need proper knowledge and experience. Forex is very difficult at the begging when we first start trading. Time and our proper action in forex trading find us the way of profit and more money. we need to be patient and try to learn proper knowledge about forex trading.

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