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Is Forex Trading Profitable? Is It Easy Or Difficult To Make Profit From Forex?

is forex trading profitable

Everyone wants to make a profit from the Forex. But they did not follow the process of how it is done to be profitable. The Forex market is the biggest financial market in the world. The profit and loss of the Forex market depend upon many factors which we did not follow as a result our loss is bigger than profit. So, if we want to be a profitable trader then we must follow the profitable rules and factors which make us profit from this market. Most of the newbie traders have a question is Forex trading profitable or not? The answer depends upon their learning process and experience. Nowadays it is very easy to open an account and trade with a Forex broker to trade. So, we enter in Forex market easily. But we do not learn how to make a profit from the Forex market. we think it is very easy then we try to trade then Want to profit from Forex. just think Forex is a business, any kind of business we can not make a profit if we do not know the basics of business and the calculation of Business rules of profit. Newbie Forex traders think if they trade more then they can make more profit from Forex. but their ideal is wrong. Without the proper skill and experience, it is very difficult to keep the profit. Let’s explain set by a set process of Forex trading which converts us to a profitable Forex trader.

Learn Basic Of The Forex Market And Think Simple Ways

There is a lot of information over the forex market which is very complex and confusing. So, at first, we learn only simple factors about the forex market do not focus on complex things about the forex market. The basic information of the forex market is

  • What is the forex market?
  • How forex market structure?
  • How to trade in the forex market?
  • How to profit and loss calculated?
  • Which news affects the forex market?

The Forex market is the currency market. Where the currency is traded. The Forex market depends on economical factors in a country if the economy of a country rises the currency will rise. If the economic condition falls the currency will fall. In the Forex market currency is trade with pairs like Eurousd, Gbpusd, Audusd, Nzdusd, etc. The profit of

Forex depends on upon pips. Pips mean if Eurousd trades at 1.41670 then skips the last digit and calculates which level you entry to trade. If  the market is up to our entry-level then we make a profit and if market down then your position then we loss. The profit calculation depends upon pips. So, just calculate your profit by pips. There are may news in the Forex, we do not flow all of this news we only focus on main news like interest rate, unemployment rate, consumer price index(CPI) and central bank chairman speak. But the main problem is many newbie trades in the news to make more profit for the cause of more volatility of the market. News trading is very risky and unstable for, I think do not trade in the news. We just know how the news affects the market and which news makes volatility in the Forex market.

Market Analysis For Trade Entry

to make a profit from the Forex market we need to analyze to take a trade. Market analysis is most important for a Forex trader. three types of analysis we can do to  in the market

  • Fundamental analysis
  • Technical analysis 
  • Sentimental analysis

All of this analysis is most important but as a newbie trader technical analysis is the main factor to make a profit. So, we only focused on technical analysis then learn other analyses. The technical analysis depends upon the price movement of the market. if we determine the price range of the Forex market then we can take profit in a short-term basis. To learn technical analysis we must know Japanese candlestick, price action pattern, support and resistance level, trend, and trend channel. If we google all of these technical analysis topics then we find details of all topics.

Trading Strategy

A trading strategy is a method to trade in the Forex market. At first, we need to learn technical analysis then develop a trading strategy. The strategy depends upon a  trader mindset and technical analysis. So, there are many kinds of traders in the world their strategy is also different. To find a trading strategy in very challenging for us. Every trader has a different trading strategy. None can trade more than two, we need to use technical analysis to find out our trading find the trading strategy we need to back-test our strategy to find our trading strategy. try to develop a trading strategy and do not change the trading strategy. Find out a strategy uses technical analysis which is sweetly for every individual trader. The most used trading strategy is price action and chart pattern. Try to develop technical analysis methods and develop our own trading strategy.

Money Management

 Money management is important for a Forex trader. If we do not maintain money management then we can not make a profit from the Forex market. It is an emotional factor for a trade to strictly maintain management. All of the traders did not do money management for greed. Greed is a negative trading mindset for a  trade to destroy their trading carrier. So, if we win one trade then do not increase lot size or high leverage entry in the market. The real money management is entry our trade in the market for our total balance 2%. It means if our total balance is 100$ then our entry must be 0.01lots. Do not increase your lots. If we increase lots then we violation our money management as a result we do not make a profit from the Forex market.


Forex trading is risky because of high leverage. So, we need to maintain risk management and stick to maintain it. To maximize profit and minimize risk is a strategy of risk management. So, our risk management must be 1:2 ratio. It means if our risk is 1% then our reward must be 2%. To maintain risk management we must need more practice and experience.

Trading Psychology And Trading Experience

If we are a navies forex trader then the lack of a trading mindset suffers as much. To develop trading psychology we need to practice in demo trade then think to real trade. Do not jump to real trade without demo trade because at the first of forex trading emotion affects us as greed, fear, euphoria, and frustration. We must control this kind of emotional factor to improve our forex trading. So, try to demo first then try to real trade. Without control of emotion and more experience, it is very difficult to convert us as profitable forex traders. If we make a profit from demo trade then try to real trade otherwise we lose our money for the emotional rollercoaster.


If we think forex trading is an investment product look like stock and option then we are not a real track. Forex trading is different than other investment products. When we start forex trading and think to get rich quickly and join a seminar. Start thinking it is very easy and more profitable. It is right. But at the begging, it is very difficult to make a profit but if we have proper knowledge and experience then we can make a profit than any other investment product. So, we should learn forex trading proper way and try our best then one day we make a profit from forex trading which we never think.

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