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What Are the Best Free Stock Screeners of 2022

Stock Screeners

What Are the Best Free Stock Screeners of 2022.

When an investor decides to invest in the stock market or pick an individual stock, the crucial question that essentially comes to mind is how they should decide which stock to buy. Here comes the need for stock screeners. The stock screeners reduce the investor’s stress by offering available data to screen stocks efficiently for picking them. However, the best stock screeners offer available data, usability, an easy-to-use interface, and various metrics and filters.

The Best Free Stock Screeners of 2022.

Therefore, investors can easily choose the best stock by screening these data, metrics, and filters. Moreover, the investor can get technical analysis support from the stock screeners at a reasonable price. In mere seconds the stock screeners allow the investors to have the stocks list, which will help to meet their desired objectives.

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What Is Stock Screener?

The stock market traders and investors use a tool to filter different sectors’ stocks based on the user-defined criteria. This tool is called a stock screener, using which the investors make important decisions. Certain trading platforms and websites serve this tool, and it could be free or cost a specific amount. With the help of these websites, investors can select trading instruments based on various criteria.

For example, the trading platforms and various websites allow the investors to screen the share market stocks based on the following criteria.

  • Stock price
  • Market visualization
  • Average 5 Year ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Dividend Yield and others

Again few stock screeners offer the stock screening facility based on mathematical calculations and technical indicator data analysis. The considering factors in it are the following:

  • Volume
  • Price
  • Traders contract
  • Security’s open interest etc


What Are the Best Stock Screeners Apps?

Are you scrolling over the internet to know the best stock screener apps? If yes, then you don’t need to look further. Several websites, apps, and platforms provide free filter and metrics analysis services to investors. The available best free stock screeners are the following:

  • Trading View
  • TD Ameritrade
  • Yahoo Finance
  • Market Smith
  • Trade-Ideas
  • Stock Rover
  • Zacks
  • Cartmill
  • Stock fetcher
  • Atom finance
  • TC2000
  • Yahoo finance
  • Market switch
  • Motley fool CAPS stock screener


The Working Process of Stock Screener.

The active and highly organized stock investors and traders use the stock screener to find the high potential and profitable stock. They try to find out and invest in those high-performing stocks which will be profitable in the long run. Thus the stock screener tool plays a crucial role in making their investment decision.

With the help of this tool, the traders and investors analyze thousands of stocks in no time. After analyzing, they remove the unnecessary stocks which fail to meet their requirement. Then, the investors focus and deal with only those stocks which remain within their particular metrics or criteria.


What to Expect From a Stock Screener?

You can’t expect equal service from every stock screener. Some may offer the best services compared to others. But you have to look for mandatory facts while choosing them. You should select the best one based on the following standard criteria:

  • Robust screening filter
  • Precious criteria
  • Country or region
  • Stock exchange
  • Price / Target price
  • Industry
  • Trading volume (Current, relative, or average)
  • EPS (Earning Per Share)
  • Market Capitalization (Cap)
  • Price-to-earnings ratio (P/E)


5 Best Free Stock Screeners Of 2022.

Several stock screeners tools are available, but not all are best. The best 5 free stock screeners of 2022 are the following:

  • Trading View -Best Overall
  • FINVIZ – Best for Fundamental Screening
  • TD Ameritrade – Best Real-time Stock Scanner
  • Yahoo Finance – Basic and Simple
  • Market Smith – Best for CANSLIM investors

Let’s discuss the details of these above five.

1. Trading View.

The overall best stock screener is Trading View. Almost at zero or no cost, this stock screener offers an incredibly flexible platform for traders and investors to screen stocks. This platform requires no sign-up from its users, and the users can easily screen ETFs and stocks.

More than 100 filters options are available here, and preciously the users can sort the stocks. Whether you are looking at the ETFs or stocks easily, you can switch between these two options.

The basic features of Trading View are the following:

  • It includes a wide range of investment and securities to screen
  • International funds and stocks are available to screen in it
  • It offers securities easy rating system
  • The security rating system in it indicates the stocks position such as “Sell,” “Buy,” “Strong Sell,” or “Strong Buy.”
  • Free and Premium both options are available in it
  • Free trial for 30 days and per month premium account cost $15

Now the pros and cons of this stock screener are the following:


Pros Cons
Customizable 12 chart types Free accounts don’t offer real-time charting
Available options are indicator, price, and custom alert The paid option is difficult to choose because of  the 4 plan tiers
Technical and fundamental screening criteria are more than 100 Focus on historical data
Global stocks an expansive selection
30-days free trial
Interactive trading room



FINVIZ is one of the best fundamental stock screeners. This one is free, and it offers a huge screening filters option for investors and traders. It sorted and filtered stock according to the defined technical and fundamental data. Usually, the day traders don’t have the preferred parameters set. Thus, this stock screener is very helpful for them. The attractive features of it are the followings:

  • Easy-to-use
  • Includes plenty of screening filters options
  • Engaging interface
  • Comprehensive
  • Instantly represent the chart pop up
  • Helpful for new traders and investors
  • It’s one of the best stock screeners for day trading
  • Simultaneously at the same field, the investors can select multiple filter options at a time

However, the pros and cons of FINVIZ are the following:

Pros Cons
Simple layout of platform For Elite subscription you have to pay
Plenty of screening tools available the screen’s top ads auto-play with audio
Huge options of email alert Compared to other options it expensive
Don’t require sign-up It offers no free trial
Filtered stock indicators are more than 70


3. TD Ameritrade.

TD Ameritrade stock screener is another best option for investors to screen the stocks. Thinkorswim trading platform is the most standard tool of this stock screener. This platform offers investors easy stock market trading and very fast data analysis. The other features of this platform are the following:

  • It designed especially for day trading
  • The first online commission-free brokerages
  • Best real-time stock scanner
  • Easy and fast trading
  • Elastic technical data analysis
  • Filter options in a wide range
  • Accessing the features are easy

The pros and cons of TD Ameritrade stock screener are the following:



Real-time data includes in it Using Thinkorswim requires to open account
Easy to use

Quick access to various trading tools

Full feature set


4. Yahoo Finance.

Other best stock market screener is Yahoo Finance. This available stock screener offers free service for the investors. The users can easily navigate the site’s various parts because of its flexible interface.

However, the noteworthy features of this tool are the following:

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Includes the popular fundamental data columns of Yahoo Finance
  • Represent results as a heat map
  • All the available features are free
  • Don’t have in-depth fundamental and technical filter options

The pros and cons of Yahoo Finance are the following:

Pros Cons
Easy and simple to use The available screening criteria is small
Streaming quotes available in it Don’t support exporting data
Includes heat map and ESG filter Valuation and Rate of Return locked behind a paywall


5. Market Smith.

The last option on the top best screener list is Market Smith. It is the website’s charting package. However, one important thing is that it’s expensive and not free.

The users need to subscribe to it to gain access. The features of it are the following:

  • Offers excellent and extensive charting packages
  • The investors need to subscribe to it to gain the screener’s access
  • It helps the investors to identify profitable stock picks

The pros and cons of this stock screener are the following:

Pros Cons
Best for momentum and swing traders Fail to issue sell and buy signals for the investors
Focuses on both technical and fundamental analysis
Includes comprehensive stock analysis


Final Words.

Thousands of stocks data are available in global stock markets. Both the stock investors and day traders require complicated data analysis access. Thus they need help from the best stock screeners to get easy access to the stock market’s complicated data analysis. The best screeners ensure the accuracy and reliability of huge quantity data. They combine the data for the user’s easy use and offer flexibility.

The above 5 best screeners accumulated the stock market’s data in a broad range in their database. Then using the custom and preset criteria, they filter that broad database with precision. In addition, they offer an easy-to-use and intuitive interface so that beginners can also use it.

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