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Which Stocks to Buy in 2022? Stock Market Correction

Stock Market Correction

Which Stocks to Buy in 2022?  Stock Market Correction.


What is Correction in the Stock Market?

A slight decrease in the individual assets price or market index value is a stock market correction. During the market correction, the asset’s high value decreases by 10% to 20% for the short term. In simple words, the temporary decrease in stock market assets, security, and the financial market’s price are called a market correction. 

The stock market’s inevitable feature is the assets price’s up and down, and it’s known as fluctuations. However, correction is nothing but the stock market’s price fluctuation’s part. The stock market’s price adjusts by more than 10% just in a few days, weeks, or months through this correction process. Usually, the market correction words mean bear market or sudden dropping of asset’s value for many investors. 

In General, when investors stop investing for significant economic or social changes and take a step back from investing, it is the starting point of asset’s value dropping. Or, when a significant economic shock occurs, the stock market goes through the correction phase. The investors get potential investment reset indication from a market correction.

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What Causes a Correction?

After learning the market correction’s primary definition, you may start to decide what you would do in such a situation. But hold for a moment and stop making a move or deciding on this issue. Because before that, you need to have an idea regarding economic developments and what causes a correction. Various factors are responsible for a market correction. Some of the primary reasons are the following: 

  • Higher loan defaults
  • Long-term unemployment 
  • Significant economic changes or shock
  • Investors eager to sell more and buy less 
  • Slow economy or the economy is entering into recession
  • Investor pause investment 

Thus several factors work behind the market correction process. Usually, the investors make their investments following the market trends. So, when people believe and think that the stock value will rise in future, they start to buy it. And other peoples also begin to follow the trends. As a result of enormous stock demand, the stock price rises. 

At this time, the investors start to sell their assets, which they hold for a long time. They sell their stock at this high price flow to make a higher profit. And this competition of trading stock at a high price ultimately leads to a temporary decrease in stock price. However, this stock price decrease can happen on a larger scale. 

Sometimes the fake Good news inflates the asset’s prices. And sometimes, the market may come to a zero demand situation where the stock’s demand significantly goes down. This significant going down of stock’s demand forced the investors to sell their stocks at lower prices. All this cycle causes the correction in the stock market.


How to Prepare for the Market’s Potential Correction?

The stock market investment brings profits and tremendous risk associated with it. Making a balance between risk tolerance and profit potential is the main aim of a good investor. Thus an investor should take mental preparation about the stock’s sudden price down or correction. Taking the preparation includes the following: 

  • Assume that the market correction could happen
  • Create diversified portfolio
  • Have a specific trading purpose
  • Develop vital investment goals and review it
  • Sell investments during correction periods


Stock Market Crash VS. Correction.

As discussed above, the stock market correction is the asset’s price temporary decline, usually by 10% to 20%. On the contrary, when the stock or financial market’s asset price suddenly drops by a colossal amount, it’s called a crash. In simple words, a stock’s sudden and unseen huge percentage of price decline is called stock market crash 2022. For better understanding, we presented the following points on stock market crash vs. correction

Stock Market Crash  Stock Market Correction
The overall stock price’s sudden and unseen decline is called a stock market crash. A temporary decrease in stock market asset, security’s price is called market correction
A huge decline in investment value results in substantial investment losses. Causes less investment loss compared to the market crash
Speculation, natural or economic disaster, or investor’s panic mainly responsible for a stock market crash Higher loan defaults, long-term unemployment, or sudden economic changes cause this market correction issue.
In a single day, the stock market index value decreases by more than 10% Generally, over a period of time (weeks or months), the stock price drop by 10% to 20%
It causes a significant dramatic loss in investment. And forces the investors to take a step away from active investment Cause investment loss in short term but its possible to recover
The crash’s impact could be limited or extensive Limited impact yet positive sometimes
Longer-lasting and widespread effects Short term effects and the market recovers in a subsequent period
The Great depression’s significant factor in American history was the stock market crash. N/A
It’s not a regular part of stock market investment Stock market’s one of the regular investing parts is a market correction


Which Stocks to Buy Now in 2022

Don’t bother much thinking “how to know which stocks to buy in stock market correction”? Here we present a thorough guide for you regarding which stock to buy. In stock market correction 2022, you can buy the following three stocks.

  1. Tesla
  2. Lucid Group
  3. Rivian



For many years, Tesla has been a trustworthy place for investors to invest even during any sizeable market correction or crash. Tesla’s valuation increased sharply because of the company’s success. According to the past five-year records, Tesla’s stock price increased by 1655% despite the 29% trading-off level. However, this stock’s future growth significantly depends on each investor’s view. Most investors believe that investing in Tesla makes sense because of its $1 trillion valuation. Moreover, it has solid growth potential. 

The investors firmly believe that TSLA is an attractive option to invest even in a market correction. The Zacks Rank #1 indicates Strong Buy, and Tesla recently upgraded to this rank. Estimating its upward earnings trend, Tesla is one of the robust stocks that significantly affect stock prices. 

How might an investor determine which stocks to buy? The answer entirely depends on the stock market analysis and the stocks prices fluctuations. The economist and analyst regularly analyze the stock market assets and their prices. Now Mark Delaney, the analyst of Goldman Saches, recently published a prediction. He increased the Tesla stock’s target price from $1,125 to $1,200.

Furthermore, the Tesla stock’s target average price estimate ranges from $849 to $916. However, the recent drop down of Tesla stock price is more than 11 %. The analysts think that the price drops because of the continuous product rollouts and electric vehicle supply chain issues.


Lucid Group Stock

The Lucid Group successfully established its presence even in the EV space competition. In 2021 significantly, the Lucid stock rose. Even if the company’s share falls in market crash or correction, the investor will surely want to invest in it. Investors will invest as they know that its stock price will surely go up. 

In 2022 already, the Lucid Group’s stock positioned in new highs, and this company has a massive expansion plan in its line. The Group expects to invest cash $7 billion. Moreover, the company’s huge 2022’s expansion plan will surely attract investors to invest. 

Investors betting boost the Lucid stock’s potential growth like Tesla and its enormous market demand. However, lucid in 2022 is only planning for massive profitability, and the company’s net worth is $1 trillion.



Recently Rivian’s stock price decreased by 21%. In 2021, November, its per share’s IPO (Initial Public Offering) was $78. From mid-November 52 week’s high set, its stock price decreased by 65%. However, Rivian’s stock prices became slightly reasonable because of the stock market’s price correction. 

The intense market competition may restrict the company’s tremendous growth. Already Rivian established that they could produce high-quality vehicles, but they need to present more strong proof that they can profitably sell it. This substantial profit-earning vision will surely help to increase its stock price. However, the market correction recently set an attractive buy level price for the Rivian stock. This price perfectly matches EV Company’s current development status. 


Final Words

Stock market investment’s inevitable Part is a stock market correction. Thus before making an investment decision in this market, the investors should know answers to certain things. For example, they should know about a market correction, when was the last stock market correction took place, what is stock market correction prediction, etc. Then, after analyzing all these factors, the investors should decide.

However, even in the stock market crash 2022, the investors can undoubtedly buy the three stocks, including Tesla, Lucid Group, and Rivian. Investment in these groups will surely increase the investor’s profit even in the fluctuations period. However, comparing these three stocks, the investors may confuse regarding which stock to buy now. Therefore, investors should go through deep market analysis and invest in that stock that will generate the highest profit.