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How to Trade with Eur Usd News?


Forex is the main currency exchange market. Each currency is traded against another currency with a pair. EUR USD pair is the no-1 and maximum volume traded pair in this forex market. News trading is the very essential trading tool in forex trading. So EUR USD news is a vital fundamental analysis item and trading strategy.

The dollar-euro-dollar pair had the largest global transaction volume. This article aims at bringing together all the aspects of the Euro/Dollar strategy, EUR vs US dollar news, and much more. In particular its Top Strategies are highlighted that would attract readers’ attention and show that each factor and force driving price movement has its influence.

What is EURO currency?

The EURO is the eurozone countries currency. Except for the UK and Denmark.1 January of 1999 the European commission (Eu) 11 members countries have adopted as their state currency the EURO. The influential euro currency owner countries are GERMANY, FRANCE, ITALY, SPAIN, BELGIUM, NETHERLAND, FINLAND, LUXEMBOURG, AUSTRIA, etc. In the world, the Euro currency is accepted as the second international reserve currency. The Euro currency owner’s central bank’s name is,” European central bank (ECB). Head office in frank fruit in Germany.

And the euro codes are the official currency of 19 of the 27 Member States of the European Union. The euro is the second largest and second widely traded currency after the US dollar. The euro was officially used on 16 December 1995 in Madrid. Outside Europe, many EU countries use the euro currency as their currency. Late 2009 the euro became a focus on European sovereign debt crises which eventually lead to the creation of European financial stabilization facilities which further strengthened the euro. Over 500 millions of people around the world use currency that is in euro terms.

Important EUR USD news

When you want to trade with the Eur Usd news you must know the very important news items which are published every month of the currency pair. We determine that both side news, the Euro side and us dollar side, are jointly important for the analysis of news trading. We are discussing some important categories of that –

ECB monetary policy meeting and press conference-1

The European central bank (ECB) is the central bank for the Euro area. It is the central bank of 19 European Union countries that have adopted the Euro. ECB is the official institute of the Euro system, supervisor of the banking system. ECB is safeguarding the Euro value and maintaining price stability. The ECB is the main decision–making body of Euro currency purpose. It implements monetary policy for the Euro area. It prints and supplies the currency notes manages the currency and controls the Euro. The ECB is Governing by a Governing council. It consists of six members of the executive board and with the governors of the national central banks of the 19 Euro area countries. Its chief is called the “president” of the ECB. The running president’s name is Christine Lagarde.

The ECB monetary policy decisions news is the very high impact forex news for EUR USD. It is the main and effective EUR USD news. The ECB takes its monetary policy decisions every six weeks. In a press, conference the ECB explains in detail every six weeks. This policy meeting and press conference date and time ECB declare previously before the policy meeting.

ECB monetary policy meeting and press conference-2

Every forex news provider previously the news time and date with the Economic calendar as a red color high impact forex news. See the picture of the next 10 December 2020 ECB monetary policy meeting date and time with also press conference time and date on the same day.

Trade with Eur Usd

In the picture, in an Economic calendar of forex news, we show the ECB monetary policy meeting date and time and also press conference time on the same day. In this EUR USD news event, in the press conference, the ECB president expresses the decisions which have been taken in the current monetary policy meeting. Also, the president expresses the view upon Euro currency. And it often makes a huge impact upon the EURUSD pair. EUR USD pair than can make high volatility and also can make a new trend as per result of the ECB press conference.

ECB president and high official speak

ECB presidents and high officials speak on several occasions often. It is a high-impact EUR USD news event. Because the ECB president can command about Euro currency, his command of the Interest rate high-low, monetary loosening or tightening, eurozone economic condition good-bad, which can impact upon euro currency. And market participants can get a signal by this speech for future bias of Euro. Forex news providers show the ECB president speaks time and date previously for pre-alert.On the date of November 19, The ECB president’s peak date is fixed which is published previously in every forex news service provider with an Economic calendar.

The main refinancing rate

The main refinancing rate is great EUR USD news. It is an interest rate for banks under the ECB. When the banks borrow money from ECB for one week these interests have to pay to ECB. The three kinds of interest rate ECB have been setting as the” Main refinancing rate”. The ECB sets this rate every six weeks. It is a great job to keep the price stable in the Euro area. So this news date and time also pre looked in the news service with the Economic calendar. We can see the next Main refinancing rate news on the date 10 December 2020.

EURO group meetings

The Euro group meeting is the meeting of finance ministers of Euro currency adopted countries. Usually, Euro group meetings are held once a month with also economic and financial affairs council meetings. It counts as important Eur USD news. The date and time always are published in the forex news.

German economic data

It is true that Germany is the inventor or main handling power of Euro currency. Germany is the prime economic power in the Eurozone. So Euro supply-demand and weak-strong maximum depend upon German Economic and geopolitical conditions. Various German economical indicators indicate the important EUR USD news. Like as-German GDP, employment rate, flash service PMI, flashes manufacturing PMI,  info business sentiment, trade balance, industrial production, new economic sentiment, etc

Except that France is the second economic power in the Eurozone, Italy is the third power and Spain is the fourth power in Eurozone. There are some economic indicating data that can impact the euro.

Eurozone economic data and geo-political situation news

There are 19 countries that are members of the Eurozone. All countries are fully independent countries but they adopt their currency of state as the Euro. But some anti-Euro movement has been existing in the Eurozone. Some political parties and organizations have been camping against the Euro union. They want to get out of the Eurozone and take independent currency for their own country. So at the time of the election, the anti-Euro parties are seeking votes for this concept. In France’s last presidential election this anti-Euro party has contested hard and Euro was getting very pressured at this time. So this type of election and situation is a very sensitive fundamental thing for the Euro. The election news is very high-impact news for EUR USD.

Many economic data in the eurozone are published in forex news sites in the economic calendar every week. Like as-Unemployment rate,  Gdp, consumer price index (CPI), etc.


For EUR USD news analysis you don’t analyze only one side of Euro news. You must have to analyze the US dollar side news of the USA. Because the EUR USD pair is built with two countries’ currencies. So each country’s news is impacted upon the currency pair as a combined.