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Which Currency Pair Is Most Profitable In The Forex Market?

Which Currency Pair Is Most Profitable In The Forex Market?

Forex is a very dynamic market in the financial market. The loss and profit depend on this market condition and currency pair. There are many forex currency pairs traded in the market. But all of the pairs are not profitable. The loss depends upon trading experience and skill of forex but the more important is also selecting pairs to trade and currency correlation. Most of the newbie traders trade as they wish and lose their money. If we trade in the forex market then we must select which currency we trade or not. Forex markets move from one direction to another direction by the economic condition and political stability. The central bank is the main player in this market. If a central bank changes the interest rate and gradually decreases its rate then the current loss of its value. As a beginner trade, we must follow the pair in which the interest rate is high, and in the future the rate increases. Forex market currency is traded in many pairs. Here we explain which pair is more profitable and traded more.

The Major Currency Pair

In the forex market, there are more than 220 pairs traded but the most traded and profitable pair is the major currency pair. The major currency pair is which pair contains USD in pairs. The major currency pair is more volatile and easy to analyze and stable to economical conditions. More than 80% of the forex market volume is traded in this major pair. The major pair is…….

  1. EURO/USD(The Euro and the Us dollar)
  2. GBP/USD(The British Pound and the Us Dollar)
  3. AUD/USD(The Australian Dollar and  the US Dollar)
  4. NZD/USD(The New Zealand Dollar and the Us Dollar)
  5. USD/JPY(The US Dollar and the Japanese Yen)
  6. USD/CAD(The Us Dollar and the Canadian Dollar)
  7. USD/CHF(The Us Dollar and the Swiss Franc)

Cross Currency Pair

After the major currency pair, the cross-currency pair is traded most. The cross-currency pair is which currency pair does not contain USD in pairs. AT first to focus on trading the major currency pair then we try to trade cross currency pairs. Don’t try to trade cross currency pairs before major currency pairs. The cross-currency pair is

  1. EUR/GBP
  2. GBP/AUD
  3.  AUD/NZD
  4. EUR/CHF
  5. EUR/CAD
  6. NZD/CAD
  7. EUR/CHF

Above all major and cross currency pairs are more volatile and traded volume is very high. So, if we want to trade forex then we must focus on these pairs then trade to another pair. All of the pair is profitable but which pair is not in this list is profitable but it is a risk. So, if our choosing pair is wrong then it is possible to lose trade So, choosing a currency pair is most important to trade in forex.

Which Currency Pair Is More Profitable?


EUR/USD currency pair is more trade in the currency market. The volatility is very high because of all of the investment banks and market play trade in this pair. The economic factor and political stability are very stable for two to this currency. So, it is very easy to predict trade in this pair. The monetary policy and central bank role are very important for two countries for this reason short term market moves happened most of the time.


USD/JPY is one of the most traded currency pairs in the forex market. Because all Asian traders trade in this pair. This pair volatility is next higher than the EUR/USD pair. The Japanese economy is more stable than other countries in the world. The total market volume of the forex market is 17% traded in this pair.


AUD/USD pair called commodity pair. AUD/USD and NZD/USD pair prices are influenced by gold and copper price. So, it is very safe to trade for this reason. If gold and copper price rise then this pair rises.


 The USD/CAD pair is also very popular in the forex market. The oil price has a correlation of this pair. So, it is a haven to trade for the trader in this pair. The economical condition is also very stable in these two countries. So, the value of this pair volatility is very high and short-term traders easily can make a profit from this pair.


Currency pair selection is also the most important factor to trade and make a profit. All currency pairs are not volatile and profitable. A volatile and stable currency pair is profitable to trade. So, to hold our profit we must trade volatile currency pairs and good condition of the economic indicator.