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How To Analyze Forex Chart?

Best system to Analyze Forex Chart.

Best system to Analyze Forex Chart.

Analyze Forex Chart. You are a retail trader; when you come to this super forex market as a speculator, how do you find out the exits of the market? Or how do you see such as decentralized and worldwide online and electronic network base market? This market has no geographical and land base centre point! But for the speculative purpose, you must always anticipate and predict the future price movement in forex trading. How can you do market observation and analysis? No one has any alternative; only a forex chart does it. So as much you analyze the forex chart best, as much you get the success from the forex market.

What are live forex charts and currency rates?

Best system to Analyze Forex Chart. As a trader, how do you join the forex market? Best and update system for you. Let’s know.

About the definition of a forex chart, it can say that a forex chart is a representation of live market price with graphic or symbolic patterns.

In a forex chart, we see the live price movement with all market conditions by graphical design. It always visualized the market participant buyer-seller psychological activities by symbolic pattern. All necessary things are gathered in this forex chart within various periods for technical analysis purposes.

There are different kinds of forex charts on the forex trading platforms. They are – line charts, bar charts, candlestick charts, tick charts, mountain charts, etc.

But there are three types of forex chart- line chart, bar chart, candlestick chart- that are widely used and most popular. So we have to need to discuss these three types of forex charts –

Line chart to Analyze Forex Chart | Best system to Analyze Forex Chart..

Of the three main types of forex charts, the oldest in the line chart. It is looked at as a straight line in a forex chart. The line chart is graphed with connecting a series of ex-closing prices in a specific period. A line chart is a series of connections of data points by a straight line.

But the line chart shows only close price historical data. There are no details of price movement data, like as- price open, price high and low. SO it is not enough to seem to use for better chart analysis.

See the picture of a line chart-

Line chart to Analyze Forex Chart | Best system to Analyze Forex Chart..
Line chart to Analyze Forex Chart | Best system to Analyze Forex Chart..


Bar chart | Best system to Analyze Forex Chart.

A bar chart is a name one of the forex charts. A bar chart is also a graphically designed chart. A bar chart is designed with two types of graphical lines, vertical and horizontal lines. The vertical line is the length of a specific period, price high and low. The vertical line’s high end is the heist point of a particular time’s price high, and the vertical line’s lowest end is the lowest point of this time frame’s price low. This specific period price high point and low point connect by a straight line, and it looks like a bar for this it calls “Bar chart”. But another twice horizontal line also with a bar chart.

The horizontal lines are more shortage than vertical lines. These double horizontal lines stay on both sides of the extensive vertical line. A small horizontal line stays on the left side with the lower part of a vertical line. Another small horizontal line is also set on the right side with an upper portion of a vertical line. The downside has a slight horizontal line mark as the open price data of a bullish bar. The upper side horizontal line marks the close price data of a bullish bar. On the flip side, the lower horizontal line indicates the relative price of a bearish bar, and the upper horizontal line is the open price. So, we can see a bar chart consisting of available, close, high and low price data in a specific period frame. This bar chart is also called OHLC (open, high, low, and comparative) price chart. See bar chart picture-

Bar chart | Best system to Analyze Forex Chart.
Bar chart | Best system to Analyze Forex Chart.


The Candlestick chart is the best forex chart-

Now we start to describe the famous, trendy and very analyze friendly forex chart, the “Candlestick chart”!

Candlestick chart was originated in Japan for more than two hundred years. This chart is also called the “Japanese candlestick pattern”. In the last 18th century, a Japanese rice trader named Munihesa Homma (1716-1803) first invented the candlestick pattern. In his rice trading, Homma imposed the candlestick pattern and got an unbelievable profit return . Homma closely observes the psychological activities of the buyer-seller in the rice market. As per psychological activities, Homma has painted some graphic patterns that look like candlesticks. For this it calls the candlestick forex chart.

The western world first recognizes the candlestick in the year 1989. A trader named is, Steve Nison first introduced the candlestick pattern. He is also called the father and author of the candlestick pattern. By writing several books, Nison presents and describes candlestick patterns.

More added that,

And now this candlestick is the heist used popular forex and trading chart!

In the candlestick forex chart, we always see many candlestick patterns. There are various kinds of ways like as, single, double, triple and more pieces of the candle make patterns untidily.

Every candlestick builds with four market data- open, close, high and low of market price in a certain period like a bar chart. In the candlestick chart, because of market price direction, two types of candlesticks are always visualized, bullish or price up movement bias candlestick and bearish or market price down movement bias candlestick. As usual, we always see in the forex chart two different colours of a candlestick. It is sometimes black colour as a bearish candle and white colour as a bullish candle. Except for this, more different colour candlesticks exist in the forex chart, like red for bearish candles, green for bullish candles, white for bearish candles, and green for bullish candles.

Previously we have said that the candlestick pattern consists of four market price data – market price open, close, high and low. Of course, this market price data is collected for a specific period. Like five to fifteen minutes, half-hour to 12 hours, daily, weekly and monthly.

In the candlestick forex chart, the bearish candle occurs when the market price is close below the open price, and a bullish candle creates when the market price closes above the available price.

There are many many candlesticks patterns available in the candlesticks forex chart. It could be a thousand or more! One trader need not know about all of them. But one trader must need some basic, popular and valuable candlesticks pattern for candlestick chart analysis.

The Candlestick chart is the best forex chart-
The Candlestick chart is the best forex chart-

Price action or naked forex chart-

In contemporary trading, world price action trading is very popular with a professional trader. Some candlestick patterns do price action trading chart analysis. It also alternative name is naked forex chart trading. You have to know about four or five price action patterns for a naked forex chart or price action trading. Like a Pin bar, inside a bar, engulfing bar, tail bar, etc.

Time frame is essential for forex chart analysis-

Although the forex chart provides live market price data for the first time, every forex chart pattern or graphical presentation is built for and built with historical market data. Price history? Which past times price history? Does it mean how much duration of previous passing market data you can collect? You can take this last time market data history from one minute to one month. This is the ‘Time frame” of chart analysis. All forex charts provide the time frame from 0ne minutes to one month.

If you want to be a professional trader and do more reliable chart analysis, please learn how to do extensive time frame chart analysis. It is no less than a 4-hour time frame and the daily time frame is best. If you can know, research combined weekly, and daily t is very best.

Doing the best technical analysis is the best forex chart analysis-

What is the main object of forex chart analysis? It is a whole matter of technical analysis. To do technical analysis, the forex chart provides various tools, systems, and price patterns.

What are the main items of technical analysis? It is trend or market condition,supply-demand or support –resistance, momentum, break out, false break, trend change, trend reversal, trend continuation, etc. Learn all things which are necessary for technical analysis in the forex chart. And try to do it manually in the forex chart. Hasna Hena flower.

Always see the forex chart from the left side to the right side in zoom in conditions. Learn how to mark trend lines in the forex chart and mark support-resistance labels.


Forex chart analysis or chart reading capacity is the central skill. Globel’s online base forex market is only visualized in the forex chart. So, how much do you analyze the forex chart? How much do you understand the market? To succeed in the whole business in any market, you must understand the market.

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