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Top 10 forex trading platforms

Top 10 forex trading platforms.

Top 10 forex trading platforms.

Top 10 forex trading platforms. Forex trading: Exchange of currency between two or more countries is called forex trading to keep the country’s economy and foreign trade running. Its job is to keep buying the possible currency at a low price and when the value of that currency increases by selling it and making a profit. Basically, this is the main point of forex trading. And this is how forex trading is done. Let’s see forex trading platforms.


Top 10 Forex trading platforms are –


1. Plus 500,

2. Pepperstone,

3. Metatrader 4,

4. eToro,

5. ThinkMarkets,

6. IT Markets,,

8. Simple market,

9. CMC Markets,

10. Jeffrex etc.

Top 10 forex trading platforms are discussed below.

1. Plus 500.

Plus 500 is the most usable and popular forex broker platform for beginner traders.


Plus 500 is a forex platform that offers CFDs. It uses trading software as a web trader platform or mobile app. A plus500 trades more than 2,000 stocks, cryptocurrencies and commodities in the forex market. Also, all types of financial instruments are traded through this platform. Top forex trading platforms.

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In this platform, a broker sets his own bid-ask price with the customer. It does business by filling orders for its own in-house materials. Plus500 is more popular than ECN brokers. And it costs less. However, there are minimal trading fees and account management costs, as there are no fees for depositing funds and no commission fees for opening or closing a trade.

2. Pepperstone.

One of the best forest trading platforms is this Pepperstone platform.

Various Pepperstones like ASIC, FCA, CySEC, BaFin, CMA. They have a regulated broker that provides forex trading for traders around the world. Which makes CFD trading much easier. It also offers broker spread betting services for UK residents.

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Top brokers offer forex trading platforms such as MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 and cTrader. Each platform executes faster. It also provides excellent market access. But better to use mt4 for pepperstone platform.


3. MetaTrader 4 (MT4).


MetaTrader 4 is the world’s most used and most popular forex trading platform. An advantage for a beginner forex trader is the ability to switch between MT4 forex brokers as needed. Because most online brokers offer platforms. This platform is more important for traders who are retail investors. Because various support is available on this MT4 platform including the ability to buy.  It’s one of the best forex trading platforms.

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4. eToro.

The top social trading platform for beginners is eToro.


It is the most popular platform for trading with less time and less strategy. eToro’s trading platform shares ideas through newsfeeds and allows experienced investors to follow strategies while connecting with traders from around the world. It’s one of the best forex trading platforms.


eToro is known as a social trader.


This platform is risk tolerant and replicates for investment purposes. Hence trading strategies are found.

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Social trading is one of the best ways to get into currency trading for beginners. Because experienced traders are conducting fundamental and technical analysis. It’s one of the best forex trading platforms.


5. ThinkMarkets.

A great forex broker for beginners is ThinkMarkets.


Because it has many benefits. This platform is known as the top forex broker for beginner traders. There are many reasons for this. It’s one of the best forex trading platforms.

One of the 6 reasons is as follows:


i.It has a $0 minimum deposit and no deposit fees.


ii. Protects against negative balance.


iii. Has low trading fees with spreads from 0.4 pips.


iv. Provides Forex training and 24/5 customer support.


v. These are three leading trading platforms including MT4.


vi. Tier-1 regulation in UK, Australia and SA


ThinkMarkets offers two forex trading accounts. The broker has designed a standard quality account type for new traders with no commission fees and a $0 minimum deposit required to open an account. Which has been a promising approach for beginners. It’s one of the best forex trading platforms.


6. IC Markets.

A broker that has ECN pricing.

IC Markets is popular as the cheapest FX broker.

This is a standard type of account. This CFD broker offers award-winning raw spread account types. Which works like ECN brokers. IC Markets connects customers with top-tier institutions such as banks and financial institutions, allowing retail investor accounts to access grade spreads without any dealing desk (NDD) execution. Instead of a larger no commission spread, Raw Spread account holders gain access to ECN-like spreads of up to 0.0 pips. It’s one of the best forex trading platforms.

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The best forest platform for new forex traders is


One of the best learning tools to use as a beginner trader is the demo account. offers two different demo accounts, one designed for the broker’s proprietary trading platform and the other for MetaTrader 4 (MT4).

Usually these demo accounts are available for 30 days and are funded with a minimum of $10,000 of virtual money. One demo account can be opened per platform. A demo trading account can be opened on both the proprietary trading platform and MT4.


8. Easy market.

It is a platform that helps brokers reduce forest trading risk.


Easy Market offers Forex traders 4 different risk management tools to minimize risk in CFD and Forex trading.

Basically forex traders can balance their trading accounts through three key easymarket risk management features. For example:

i. Manage risk with different deal cancellation tools at easyMarkets.

ii. Freeze rate will not lose the spread required.

iii. Easy to use guaranteed stop-loss orders.


9. CMC Markets.


A huge range of FX pairs and stocks exist on this platform.


These CMC markets provide access to over 9,500 financial markets and are overseen by multiple top-level regulators (FCA, IIROC, ASIC, FMA and MAS) around the world. CMC’s full CFD product range requires the use of the broker’s proprietary trading platform and Next Generation.


10. Jeffrex.


This trading platform is developed by experts and provided to its customers to trade in financial instruments.

The platform can be installed on a PC. The software is widely accepted for most popular operating systems.

The JForex platform works much like MT5. It has a convincing advantage. Dukascopy Bank SA prepares a market and provides liquidity, thus providing clients with the most accurate prices and market spreads for trading. So this platform is quite advantageous.


Best Platform (Personal Opinion).


As a personal opinion The eToro platform seems quite popular and convenient to me. Because on this platform trading is done by adopting the least strategy. There is less risk in it. This is the best site for currency trading. This platform can be a promising approach for beginners. So if you want to start, you can start with this platform.



Any platform is quite popular for currency trading. All have their uses. All are popular. So to start trading one can start from any platform with enough knowledge. There are many benefits especially for those who are new to this sector. So it’s time to start trading.

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